IRREVERSIBLE, Guy and Michele Beddington Cordially invite you to Delta NA RIVELAZIONE Sculpture Exhibition Vernissage

Delta NA RIVELAZIONE Sculpture Exhibition @The Sculpture Garden at the Mas du Mûrier Bargemon!
Guy and Michele Beddington
Cordially invite you to the Vernissage
April 6- 2015 from 12 – 7pm featuring
Delta NA RIVELAZIONE Sculpture Exhibition
The Sculpture Garden at the Mas du Mûrier Bargemon!
 11044633_781797928567029_3457124407821840598_nD19 Route de Seillans
83830 Bargemon Var France
Open by appointment all year
Tel : +33 (0)4 94 76 64 06
Mobile : +33 (0) 6 64 80 29 55
Bargemon is an ancient village in the upper Var department, sitting at the edge of the Canjuers plateau at the base of the Var Prealps. Dating back to the early 9th century, Bargemon was fortified in Medieval times, and still retains vestiges of walls and fortified entries.
 11017705_781798288566993_8144645189215273826_nThe artists, as Delta N.A., exhibited their artworks in Italy in many group and solo shows and in Genova’s National Art Fair in 2011. Their past as tireless travellers led them to show their paintings in South America and then in Los Angeles. Delta N.A. paint directly with hands on canvas, they distribute colors with fingers like every child in his first artistic expression: this is why they call their technique Instinctive Expressionis.

Delta N.A. – Neva Epoque and Alessandro Vignola (IT)

DeltaN.A. is not just a signature at the bottom of a painting, but rather indicates the union between two souls with a single destiny. Neva Epoque and Alessandro Vignola, in art Delta N.A., are a couple of Italian painters collaborating together to realize on canvas their desire to represent the union between emotional and rational, male and female.

Neva Epoque was born in Asti, Italy on May 1st, 1978. After studying classic and ancient literature during high school, she turned her attention to clinical psychology with a strong predilection for the esoteric orientation of C.G. Jung. Her artistic expression began trying to put together sensorial and mystic experiences with visual art. A surrealist by nature, she has moved lately toward a more expressionist and abstract language; a colorist by instinct and passion, she puts into painting the sensual warming of female soul.

Alessandro Vignola was born in Turin, Italy on September 13th, 1977. His scientific education and his analytic and deep vision lead him to building a medical/scientific description of human mind. His working experience in psychology and in alternative medicine permitted him to develop a metaphysical approach to life. Starting to create an artistic expression with a realist accent, he developed purity of shapes and colors much different from the real world, telling about the natural and supernatural worlds mixed together. Both clinic psychologists in their past working experience, they have developed a very personal approach to art.  Their manner of painting testifies, with a contemporary accent, to the search of expression of inner feelings while representing benign and linear shapes. They believe that flowers, as living creatures, are the perfect subjects to express the continuous modulation of human soul.

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