At a time when cultural institutions are suffering restrictive budget cuts and scaling back programs, and when publications are disappearing due to a lack of advertising dollars, what Norelkys Blazekovic is accomplishing with Irreversible Magazine is simply astonishing.

Practically single-handedly, and with an admirable determination of purpose that miraculously trumps her scant financial resources, she has succeeded in transforming her dream into a cultural portal joining creative voices from Miami to Tokyo, from Spain to Switzerland and beyond.

She has become a catalyst for linking artists of diverse vision in her publication. Whether she meets an artist in her travels to art fairs and creative forums in the United States, Latin America, Europe or Asia, Blazekovic has a knack for attracting those she encounters in the spirit of collaboration. In this edition of Irreversible you will discover varied voices and artists ranging from Edouard Duval-Carrie to Alberto Garcia-Alix, Antonia Wright, Lucinda Linderman and Alex Heria.

She is also spotlighting the Jumex Collection at the Bass Museum of Art during Art Basel Miami Beach.

“Where Do We Go From Here? Selections from La Coleccion Jumex” marks the first time that the largest private collection of international contemporary art in Latin America is being shown outside its home base in Mexico City. This exhibition includes a selection of international figures of contemporary art such as Mike Kelley, Urs Fisher, Jenny Holzer, Louise Lawler, and Rirkrit Tiravanija, alongside Mexican conceptual artists Damian Ortega, Inaki Bonillas, Gabriel Kuri and Stephan Bruggeman.

And, unlike the show at the Bass, her magazine serves as a portable exhibit because she approaches the publication with the eye of a curator.

Her goal at Irreversible has always been to “strive to broaden the global understanding of contemporary art and to foster cultural exchange by creating new paradigms through creative initiatives.”

In these pages you will not only find some provocative art, but perhaps more importantly, an equal measure of Blazekovic’s clarity, boldness and independence, not to mention a resolute and unwavering passion for doing what she loves.

Carlos Suarez de Jesus,

Art Critic


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