Art Palm Beach 2016 – Irreversible featured Artists

Art Palm Beach Booth 616

You have to make people comfortable around your art and slow them down long enough to take that all-important longer look. You are the one responsible for giving them reasons not only to spend time looking at your art and understanding your purpose in creating it, but also for convincing them to hopefully add it to their collections, or give you shows or exposure, represent your work, or whatever else you may be looking for. And you do this by presenting yourself in a way that reaches out and deepens and enriches their experience of both you and your art.

Art Palm Beach 2016 was a great success not only from Irreversible Magazine’s stand point but also all the other artists and galleries as well. There was something for everyone to see, truly an inspiring experience.

There was something extraordinary about this fair this year.  What really
mattered was when glitz, heart, and brains joined forces
” the mark of a city growing up,”. “the collector class came out, visitors and buyers supported  gallerists and our project “I felt that this year they have more of an emotional connection with the work”… Panels, discussions, and side exhibitions were more cutting edge and mixed.  Notoriously, terrific full of people. At some point, Art Palm Beach 2016 felt like an entirely new place.

Noor Blazekovic
IRREVERSIBLE PROJECTS founder/ Chief Curator

Irreversible’s Featured Artists

Alejandro Mendoza

Alejandro Mendoza 1

Alejandro Mendoza 2

Cuban artist Alejandro Mendoza presents 5 pieces of art at IRREVERSIBLE Projects exhibition at Art Palm Beach 2016, 2 mixed media sculptures and 3 mixed media drawings. As stated on his artist statement, Mendoza creates without any set vision in mind thus the outcome is always unforeseen. Even so Mendoza’s artworks presented at Art Palm Beach have lots of unexpected similarities, no matter the medium they all posses a certain quality. Mendoza stresses location, we are constantly changing and on the move whether it is career, education or even culture. His pieces reflect his changes and location from Havana, Cuba to where he is now and how he got here.

Alejandro Mendoza 4

Alejandro Mendoza 3

Alejandro Mendoza creates networks of imaginary topographies that synthesize far away yet oddly familiar urban developments, futuristic cities and natural landscapes. In them he employs shapes hijacked from the lexicon of constructivist and modernist art and architecture. His wood and acrylic resin pieces are for the most part blank terrains and abstracted map spaces that leave one wondering why they are bereft of humanity.
They are also paradoxically freighted with a sense of alienation and a longing for rootedness.

Carlos Suarez de Jesus
Art Critic




Richard Blanco

Richard Blanco 1

Richard Blanco 2

Abstract artist Richard Blanco is based in South Florida. Blanco creates his artworks based on the Golden Ratios (1:1.618), this number appears frequently in proportions of the human body, nature, and art. Blanco builds off of this ratio when creating his artworks. Frequently this canvas becomes a grid, many of Blanco’s grid become very complex while others are very simplistic. This Golden Ratio restraint allows Blanco to explore composition, color and form without the need of a narrative. These two pieces express lots of movement not only in the shapes/forms but also with the choice of colors.



Luis Berros

Luis Berros 1

Luis Berros 2

Luis Berros is a Miami based artist with a very unique style of painting. In the early 1980’s Berros was welcomed into South Florida street art clubs where he began experiencing art without limits. Today his artwork is a combination of street art and fine art techniques as well as his knowledge of art history. In his piece exhibited at Art Palm Beach you can find little hints which reflect to street art, from a tag word written in thick black or urban stickers. Berros constantly has a street art presence, his main goal is that fine art and street art are considered equally.


Helen Kagan

Helen Kagan 1

Helen Kagan 2

Helen Kagan is a refugee from Russia, she blends her life experiences into her multilayer pieces of art emphasizing the healing power art possess. Kagan believes that art heals, her vivid imagery, contrasting colors and highly textured canvas’s produce a healing aura which individuals walk away with. Kagan’s works are highly influenced by expressionism, her art is pure. Solely formulated by color, form and composition.



Natasha Kertes

Natasha Kertes 1

Natasha Kertes 2

Natasha Kertes 3

Russian artist Natasha Kertes is best known for her photography, but Kertes is constantly stretching her boundaries and visual expression. She exhibited her Gold Series at Art Palm Beach, composed of 3 pieces: a mixed media portrait, a sculpture of high heeled shoes and a sculpture of a hat, all of which are gold in color. Kertes’s series is highly influenced by Mythology. Her high heels sculpture named “POENA”, in Roman Mythology Poena is the spirit of punishment, sufferings for the sake of beauty.



Griselda Lechini

Griselda Lechini 1

Griselda Lechini 2

Argentinian Griselda Lechini is an impressionist landscape artist, her fascination with nature has become the main subject in her work. Lechini’s main subject matter include forests, flowers and musical instruments. She uses vivid colors to express her feelings of joy, she hopes to emit positive energy from her works. She states “Nature speaks to me of strength and beauty, of joy and mystery.”



Eduardo Sanabria

Eduardo Sanabria 2

Eduardo Sanabria 1

Eduardo Sanabria, born in Caracas, Venezuela specializes in caricatures. But Sanabria’s caricatures are unlike normal caricatures. Sanabria’s caricatures are created with geometric shapes, vivid and inviting colors which allow you to look beyond the art and form your own interpretation of the caricature. They have a soul, they’re not only characters but they are beautiful pieces of art.



Ernesto Capdevilla

Ernesto Cadevila 1

Cuban artist Ernesto Capdevila exhibited 3 beautifully created sculptures, the sculptures featured the human figure and balance. All 3 sculptures where representing balance. Capdevila focuses on human concept of reality and the affects of passion, fear and equity on ones perception. Capdevila works are mainly on canvas or drawings on paper, his surrealism is powerful and impressive both on canvas and sculpture.



Rafael E. R. Bencid

Rafael Bencid 2

Rafael Bencid 1

Rafael Enrique Rodriguez Bencid born in Caracas, Venezuela is a multi-media artist. He exhibited his multi-media installation “6666” at Art Palm Beach. His installation featured audio, photography and architecture. Bencid’s objective is to capture time. He spent 4 years documenting his travels, with 6666 images which he edited to the pace of a musical arrangement with 6666 notes. This is projected inside a cube, each individual could experience 6666. An intimate moment with experiences, stories and moods within a few minutes.



Jose Bedia

Jose Bedia 1

Jose Bedia 2

Jose Bedia Valdez is an abstract Cuban painter and also creates sculptures which reflect his inspiration towards indigenous culture. Bedia uses the combination of nature and machines, this confrontation appears frequently in his artworks and sculptures. In other works Bedia explores identity, and his own past and future while coming across obstacles. His works tend to be very spiritual and dark.



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