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MariaGrazia Todaro ArtDirector

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Alejandro Mendoza
Cuba USA

Alejandro Mendoza provides a visual vocabulary that signals the recognition that the transactions of peoples brought together result in profound disruptions and adjustments that require an active process of forging new identities. Mutan Series then prompts to ask: What does the artworks, and expressive forms generally, tell us about this process that exceeds what analytical and historical accounts by themselves can reveal? Are there more general lessons to be learn here about the problematic of subjectivity, particularly regarding the role of affect? And are these the forms through which identities and ways of life can be re-figured? For Mendoza, it is through the activities of recalculating/calibrating that locations are transformed into place of meaning. The works presented in Art Monaco 2014 provide cues for finding adequate formulas.




In his art Dirk Janssens explores the positive and emotional aspects of the basic concept of being human. His work is a tribute to life and love, purely instinctive, in a completely unique language. His works are an investigative transformation; it is far from arbitrary, and represents a willful, passionate craving for almost unattainable and utopian Love. At the same time, this art offers comfort, as it fires an enthusiasm for life and inspiration; in fact it’s a tireless courting of passion itself.

The artist forces himself to convert every single feeling of frustration into pure life force. Whether futile or intense, the expression shows an iron will, an unfailing passion and an enduring optimism that is deep-rooted in the artist himself. By doing so he makes his audience contemplate their own happiness.

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Gerald Hartinger
Seilergasse 9
1010 Vienna

Within just a few years, the Gerald Hartinger Fine Arts Gallery has made a name for itself far beyond Austria’s borders. Today, it owns one of the most relevant pop art collections in Europe. The focus of the gallery is classic American pop art from artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Tom Wesselmann who nowadays have become icons themselves, as well as neo-pop art, with works by Keith Haring, Steve Kaufman, Russell Young, Burton Morris and the rising star, Romero Britto. Furthermore, the gallery has in its possession, probably uniquely in Europe, works by Ringo Starr and John Lennon.



The Gallery aims to appeal to all art enthusiasts. An international network with good contacts and extensive knowledge of the market and the subject matter allows the gallery to provide assistance to clients and prospective buyers in every phase of acquisition – from research and expertise to auction and transfer. As far as art investment is concerned, however, the emotional value should be considered even for very stable and profitable assets: the ability of a work of art to touch us in a new way over and over again, to – as Picasso so beautifully said – wash away from our souls the dust of everyday life


Dirk Janssens Belgium
Art Mónaco’14, French Riviera
April 24 – April 27 2014

Dirk Janssens lives and works in Leuven, Belgium. During his childhood, he worked in the studio of his father, sculptor and artist Freddy Janssens. That is where he learned how to sketch, paint, use and understand materials and techniques. He painted portraits, abstract works, worldly wisdoms and quotes on canvas.

After years of intense research and study, Janssens made his first collection in 2010. He named it Made in Wonderland. It was one of the most popular shows to be exhibited at CATM CHELSEA, New York in 2011. He continued his professional career as an artist with his second collection, Lost in Wonderland, debuting at the BAH – Belgian Art House, where his work was welcomed with great excitement and proved most successful. There his work was displayed with some of the greatest contemporary Belgian artists, including, Luc Tuymans, Michael Borremans, Arne Quinze, Hans Op de Beeck and Jan De Cock.




















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