IRREVERSIBLE 2012 Featured Cover WINNERS (25 winners)

“Greatness is a choice; it’s not our destiny.”


IRREVERSIBLE 2012 Cover feature Winners Exhibition
(left to right) Carlos Caballero, Patricia Schnall Gutierrez & Alejandro Mendoza

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IRREVERSIBLE Cover Featured competition Winners exhibition 2012 by Steven Daniel Chung

The results of the Cover featured art contest were based on the judge’s extensive experience, creativity of works engaging audiences with contemporary visual art, creative thinking, and most important to me; an educational component, a message inspiring new generations. The jury reviewed all submissions very carefully. There were large amounts of quality of works, only a limited number of applications could be selected and we are honored to release the list of winners selected recognizing:
1. Works with purpose and objectives
2. Educational value; impact on, or outreach to, the public
3. Thoroughness and accuracy in presentation of issues;
4. Creativity and originality in approach to subject matter and effectiveness of presentation
5. Demonstrated technical skill in the entry’s production.
6. Presentations of entries were very important, the quality of the photography, and the information provided to the application.
7. The Technical merits were based on theme, composition, and perspective.


IRREVERSIBLE Juror Dr. Carol Damian is the dynamic Director & Chief Curator of the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum at Florida International University, positions she assumed in 2008. She is a graduate of Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts, and received her MA in Pre-Columbian Art History and her Ph.D in Latin American History from the University of Miami. A professor and former chairperson of FIU’s College of Art and Art History, she is also a prominent figure in Miami’s arts community and a nationally recognized art historian. She is known as an energetic instructor, who combines a passion for art with strong leadership skills.


by Dr. Carol Damian Director & Chief Curator of the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum at Florida International University

The combination of extraordinary draftsmanship and creative imagination that is seen in the work of Edwin Villasmil is remarkable for a modern artist. Each of his fantastic drawings is filled with complex symbolism and arcane details that demand the full attention of the viewer fascinated to decipher their meaning. Villasmil works in a manner that is reminiscent of Medieval printmakers and migrating metallurgists of early Europe intent on capturing the essence of earthly existence through a repertoire of signs and symbols that are far from reality and can only exist in the world of the imagination. Using ornamental motifs like the ones found in manuscript illumination and once credited with supernatural powers, he incorporates spiraling lines, sometimes terminating in an animal head, and interlacing motifs to create unique patterns that threaten to totally disguise a subject. There is a story that informs each work, but it is frequently lost in the minutiae of the many images that are revealed within each composition. Look carefully and snakes emerge from within the tendrils of tree branches, foreboding beings in an otherworldly setting. Strange birds appear, while hybrid characters hold court in their own special realm of creatures big and small. Not surprisingly, Villasmil has been commissioned to do many projects associated with nature, including the Florida Everglades, where he has the innate ability to capture the beauty and the eminent threats that affect all of its flora and fauna. Each work is an exercise in patience and concentration that is fascinating in our “easy” world of digital technology and instant gratification. Villasmil’s work deserves more and the patient viewer will be rewarded with an experience in abstraction and creativity seldom found today.


Video Art Winner – Chika Matsuda Japan



Noor Blazekovic & Elaine Minionis & Rodolfo Vanmarcke Gallerists/Owners of The Lunch Box Gallery

Working with Noor Blazekovic founder publisher/Editor of IRREVERSIBLE has been a wonderful journey. She clearly reveals a fascinating approach to the industry, where not only striving to find the best of the best in the contemporary art realm becomes the main aspiration; but also the way you do it, the spirit with how you seek for it, analyze and listen, is as much as important. She really digs de eper into the artists and their artworks, bringing out the best in everybody when she makes you discover qualities you didn’t even knew about. That, to us, is a gift. On the other hand, she embodies the word “teamwork” itself. Noor openly admits through her actions how pivotal is to trust and be trusted, to respect, learn and to join forces to amplify an overall vision; bringing diversity of thought and accuracy, praising the humane and building the necessary bridges between the arts and the people.

Elaine Minionis & Rodolfo Vanmarcke Gallerists/Owners of The Lunch Box Gallery




There is no doubt an artist grows by leaps and bounds when he or she puts artwork in the public eye for feedback, and that is what this art competitions is all about. Historically, patronage, commissions, and incredible opportunities have all been prizes afforded to winners of major art competitions Thank you for being such of important part of this year competition. Noor Blazekovic founder

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