IRREVERSIBLE’s 20 Honorable Mentions of 2013

IRREVERSIBLE PRESENTS: 20 Featured Winners of 2013

Opening Reception at Gallery 2014

November 21st, 2013. 6:30 PM


20 Honorable Mentions from Various Categories

Lyndsey Wardrop
Luca Bray
Luisa Faletti

Deborah Mitchell
Jaime Ferreyros
Yuhmi Collective

Monique Lassooij
Amanda Madrigal
Laetitia Soulier

Rafael Enrique
Aaron Ansarov
Jonathan Baez

Jacob Cordero
Diana Contreras

Jamal de Jong
Olga Vargas
Amanda Bradway

Luis Jimenez
Cesar Rey
Daffke Hollstein


Lyndsey Wardrop

Category: Sculpture

Country: Scotland

Lyndsey Wardrop creates sculptural works that deal with thresholds, between the material and immaterial, exterior and interior, memory and immediacy. She explores the rational and intuitive by questioning and deconstructing her own reality. By challenging the notion of form and space within the urban landscape she redefines one’s gaze exploring the topography of the everyday. She is interested in altering perspectives and in turn opens the idea of existence and reflection within her work; when the ordinary is juxtaposed with the strange, or else demands our renewed participation, creating a lingering sense of what is beyond.

Lyndsey Wardrop lives and works in Glasgow, she graduated from Glasgow School of art in 2010, since then she has exhibited within Glasgow and Edinburgh, and has also completed a residency at Ondarte International Artist Residency in Mexico in 2012. She is currently collaborating with artist Alec Von Bargen within his project ‘Veritas Feminae’, which will launch at the OCT Contemporary Art Terminal (OCAT), Shanghai, September 2013.


Ghosts in the Rain | Ink/ Acrylic on Wood |2013

Luca Bray
Category: Mixed Media
Country Italy

There lives within me an insatiable appetite to squeeze from every fragment a universe. That’s probably the exaggeration factor in all Italians, or all Latin’s for that sake. We enjoy amplifying mundane issues and converting them into seemingly life changing happenings, and what’s worse, we believe them to be universally significant. I take possession of stories that may or may not be my own and cast myself as the protagonist. These fictitious characters live within my paintings and I let them breathe the moment, the minute details, to the point in which I lose touch with what is reality and what is fiction; what’s mine and what I’ve borrowed. Each painting is like sitting in at someone else’s private therapy session. I interpret an existence and adopt it as my own. Fo r a lack of a better term: I steal you. There is a touch of irony in my work, a quasi-­‐whim. An infantile, unattached distraction, which gives shape to color and life to those shapes. Nothing is accidental and everything is most definitely unpremeditated. I believe I have also mastered the art of speaking three languages as terribly as possible and actually take pride in my ability of destroying them even further by using them to complete my paintings. I try not to lose time by taking neither life, nor myself too seriously. I believe I’m more selfish, more childlike in a sense, maybe more naïve. I want to play for the sake of playing. Too many rules limit my process.

My creation is visceral, immediate and transparent. It comes from the inside out. My work is not selfish though my dialogue is. I talk to myself, for myself. I need the listener but not the topic. I prefer to indulge my need for the banal while leaving the pseudo-­‐world-­‐ fixing to others. I exercise my right to continue playing with my inner child in place of permanent over-­‐analysis.

Luca Bray is a profoundly introspective artist. His muted color palette, diffusion of the picture plane, and juxtaposition of meditative atmospheres with underlying energy imbue each work with a sophistication and clarity of expression. Bray’s poignant canvases evoke a strong sense of nostalgia— the intangibility of line; intermittent, fragmentary sentences; and nebulous forms all hint that the artist is searching for a hidden meaning, just beyond our grasp. The lyricism of his works derives from the delicate interplay of expanses of color, paint spatters and smears, imprints from antique Indian stamps, and sporadic fragments of dancing charcoal scrawls. Transparent and opaque fields provide a dynamic counterpoint to the rhythmic placement of paint. Before finishing each work, Bray floods a corner in his studio allowing the painted canvases to become partially or fully submerged in water. The resulting fluid and amorphous areas of c olor lend a graceful spontaneity to the works. Born in Italy, Bray attended the Fine Arts Academy of Brera in Milan where he graduated with First Class Honors and the Painting Prize. In Italy, Bray participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions before re‐locating to Mexico, where he currently lives and works. Bray’s work is housed in numerous public collections, including the Jumex Collection, Mexico City; the Antiguo Palacio del Azobispado Museum, Mexico City; Sinaloa Modern Art Museum; the Daniel Chappard Foundation, Venezuela; the Morelia Contemporary Art Museum, Mexico; Amparo Museum, Mexico; and the Bancomer Cultural foundation, Mexico. His work is held in private collections in France, Italy, Spain, San Salvador, Venezuela, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Dubai, Canada, New York, Washington, and Chicago.


Luisa Faletti
Category: Mixed Media
Country: Italy

I started my artistic career when I was a child. I’ve always been attracted to colours and strange objects. This pushed me, after high school, to follow a design course in IED university, where I learnt technical drawing and the use of different materials in industrial terms. But my real passion was creative drawing, use my immagination, so I decided to change direction and choose a course in illustration. The following three years were amazing for me, I no longer had technical costraints, so I spaced from drawing, to painting and gave vent to my immagination. This has been essential for my creative evolution. Today I draw, paint and create works with recycled materials of any type. I’m attracted to colours, materials, logo’s, and any type of artistic form, not only linked to the art world. With my works I try to express all my interior world.
Artist Statement

I realized these works, when I decided to leave my country, start to travel and discover the world. The “bike” has always been my favourite vehicle. I believe life is like going on a bike; to stay in balance, you have to move.


P-2013-17, 23,62 x 35,43″, pigment print on selfcoated paper, 2013

Daffke Hollstein

Category: Photography & Digital Art

Country: Germany

Daffke Hollstein constructed photographs allow us to reflect.

Utopia or Reality?

What’s behind the construction?

The artist wants to encourage the viewer to a closer look to snatch the stupid overstimulation.


Little Jimi, 11 x 14, Acrylics on Poplar Wood Gesso Panel with Epoxy Resin coating, 2013

Monique Lassooij
Category: Painting
Country: Holland

Every day, when I travel by public transport, I notice the silence… each and everyone focused on a little box in their hands: texting, reading, listening to music… and especially the children.
When I was young, we would sit in the back of the bus and we would be loud, talking, joking, being children… all the adults would turn their heads and give us the stare to knock it off.

Now the children have a different way to communicate and they are not vocal about it… something funny? You will see a shrug in the shoulders and the typing of “LOL”. If something is happening in the bus, they look at us from under their eye brows, almost expression less, sometimes slightly annoyed as we disturb them in their communications.

That created in me the idea (?) what if famous people, icons, paintings, photo’s … the ones we recognize were today’s children. Would they still be those icons, would they become themselves again despite the fact that all has changed… The portraits show them looking at us.. from under the eyebrows… disturbed by us looking at them as we invade their privacy.. their interaction through a little box.. and we are not part of that.


Collapse | White oil on Canvas |2013

Jamal de Jong
Category: Painting
Country: Canada

Jamal de Jong is a deaf artist, half dutch/afro american born Canadian from Edmonton, Alberta. He was raised in Nova Scotia from a family of four including his mother, stepfather and twin sister who is also an artistic talent as a singer. He now lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada where he acquired a major in painting and drawing from Concordia University in 2008. Even though Psychology is his first degree from Saint Mary’s University in Nova Scotia, he maintained consistency in exploration and development while working with professors on the study of autism, as well as teaching English to South Koreans from children to adults, and fine arts to children with disabilities. He has had a few international group shows including Tomorrow Stars, the Verge Art Miami Beach Annual Exhibition in Miami, Florida; the Rob McNamara Exhibition in Melbourne, Australia, and Emanation, a Collective Art Exhibition in Los Angeles, California and has been published in a few international magazines including Art and Beyond, ArtAscent and Peripheral Arteries. As a deaf artist, his goal is to share experiences with others in hopes of a common understanding and make awareness the importance of deafness in our daily lives.


Nothing Hidden Is Lost, 11.5×11.5, 2013

Amanda Bradway
Category: Paper Sculptures
Country: United States

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Amanda studied art and graphic design at the University of Central Oklahoma. She eventually left school to begin working on her own art and fashion projects and in the summer of 2007 she moved her studio to the historic Plaza District in Oklahoma City. Over the years she has exhibited extensively, volunteered with various arts groups, organized large scale group art events for the community, and opened up an artist retail store & gallery in 2008. She currently owns DNA galleries and works on her own artwork and line of accessories full time.

My works are created with a variety of cut and folded paper. The skulls are a starting point, from which the pieces are shaped as I go, focussing on symmetry in each form.
These latest works attempt to portray the dichotomy of opposites within the universe. Through the exploration of paradox Ie. good vs. bad, truth vs. lies, life vs. death; my goal is to show how one action can be at odds with the other in the creation of balance. Where many opposing principles operate simultaneously to create equilibrium, it is compelling to notice how each side exist to prove the other. The work reflects the patterns of nature by combining the light with dark; constructing order from chaos; and creating life from death.


The Square Roots, 2/3 C-print Photography, 2013

Laetitia Soulier
Category: Photography, Architecture
Country: France

The Making of The Square Roots | C-print diptych | Photography 2013

Laetitia Soulier’s photographs, articulated in series, each invite the viewer to journey through different worlds ruled by different paradigms. ThePalindromes series follows a binary system, using diptych images where twins wander in symmetrical landscapes. In the Fractal Architectures series, the geometry of the wallpaper and the structure of the decor follow a fractal logic, weaving together microcosm and macrocosm. Soulier’s characters are approximately eight years old. Their minds have reached the critical place between the rational and fantastical. This paradoxical state is represented in Soulier’s methodically composed yet chimerical photographs. This work cohabits mythical thought, inherited from her Berber genealogical background, and modern scientific thought, cultivated through a French philosophical education.

Laetitia Soulier was born in 1978 in Bordeaux, France, studied throughout Paris to receive her BFA from the Art School of Cergy, her MFA from l’Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, and a degree in philosophy from the University of Paris. She then studied photography and studio lighting at Les Gobelins, Ecole de l’Image. Her work has been exhibited internationally at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Beaux Arts de Paris, and the MusashinoUniversity in Tokyo. Most recently she had a solo show at the Apertur Foundation. She was also selected as the New York Photo Festival’s Multimedia category winner and won the Exposure Award grand prize.


Jonathan Baez
Category: Mixed Media Painting
Country: United States

Jonathan Baez’s abstract art is “art by intuition” following his philosophy to not pre-concieve the work in the mind but to rather allow it to grow as it is being created. To feel the next brush stroke or color tone, rather than to think of it. His work is not to be intellectualized but felt…
His mediums consist of ink, acrylic, charcoal, coffee and anything that is at hand’s reach during the time of the creation.


Las Muñecas, 12′ x 11′, Hand cut reflective mylar, found high chair, found clock, hand made large scale dolls and portraits, 2013

Amanda Madrigal
Category: Fiber/Sculpture/Installation
Country: USA

Medium: Hand cut reflective mylar, hand made large scale dolls (bodies: various fabrics dyed with mx dyes using resist methods of shibori and batik. faces: polymer clay, acrylic paint, false eyelashes.) Found high chair, found clock. Two 2-D portriats painted with thickened mx dyes.
Year of completion: 2013

Amanda Madrigal “Las Muñecas” (installation)

Kindenschema (“baby-schema”), is the common set of physical features found in infants that activate care-giving behavior, a mechanism which is essential for survival throughout early childhood since we must depend on others. Through the use of Kindenschema I am creating characters that should likewise evoke the desire to care for them in the viewer. I give a great deal of care and attention to these creatures, and through the care and comfort they give me I am better able to do the same for myself.

I am not only exploring the relationships between me, my work, and the viewer but also the relationships they have with each other, calling upon ideas of family, friendship, and home, and the sense of interconnectedness we all have with one another, which is just as beautiful as our individualism. Without the experiences and interactions we have with each other we simply would not be human. No single person is the same, yet we strive to find ourselves in others and through our connections and experiences with them we reach for something we never knew was inside ourselves.


Diana Contreras
Category: Street Art / Mixed Media Painting
Country: Peru

Women are the primary subject matter in my paintings. Reflecting on my feelings or just create intuitively is how I begin a piece. As a result, creating art provides a sense of healing. The reoccurring themes in my work are love, heartbreak, and beauty. I aim to find beauty even in the darkest emotions. My oil paintings are a combination of classical realistic rendering with a personal element of distortion. The figures I paint are a reflection of myself, thus, every painting is in essence a self-portrait.

Oil paint is my preferred medium because of its buttery texture and blending abilities. When I work with paint I am reminded that movement of the brushstrokes and use of colors are powerful. The paintbrush becomes an extension of my body. Recently, I have been mixing street art with my traditional painting to create a new body of work that I am enjoying.


6666 Photography, Mixed Media, 2012

Rafael Enrique Rodríguez Bencid
Category: Photography, Art Intallation, Sculpture

Being a journalist and a photographer, 6666 is the product of merging documentary and abstract photography as my own personal challenge. This is the product of 4 years of travels through 6666 still pictures, edited them to the pace of a musical score built upon 6666 musical notes, and projected them inside a floating cube achieving a hypnotic installation.


Saber, 10′x12′, Painting Mura, 2013

Yuhmi ( Michelle Vazquez & Victor Vazquez)
Category: Painting/ Artist Collaboration
Country: United States

Yuh + Mi, Yuhmi. Michelle and Victor Vazquez a Miami native art duo. Trained as both fine artist and graphic designers, by two established art schools in Miami, FL. Graduates of Design and Architecture Senior High, and New World School of the Arts, College. We began collaborating on design work back in 2009. In 2012 we started painting as a duo, and Yuhmi blossomed into a collaborative unified vision, a journey into our floating world. Our characters are windows into our life, portraits of distant memories, a visual narrative of struggles, hopes and dreams. Where inspiration is drawn from folklore, and other cultural elements such as art, design, fashion, music, poetry and nature.

“The wishy washy world of beautiful human creatures. Peaceful sea of fantastical beings, where the ocean has no end and the world is shaped eternally.”


Luis Jimenez
Category: Sculpture
Country: Colombia


Prophets of Theory, Mixed Media on Tree Bark, 2012

Jacob Cordero
Category: Mixed Media
Country: United States

My work begins as a reaction to my environment. My approach of artistic communication reflects influences of cultural, spiritual, musical, and poetic energies that surround me daily. The ideas for my work tend to be a complex breakdown of that environment, which began as reactions, then sparked emotional connections with the images therein. I have always been known for my psychological renderings of the complex, with a twist of the imagery that strongly moves me. One could relate to my energizing, yet relaxing metaphors on many levels. I bring so many aspects of culture, desires for change and yearning for the “in your face” nostalgia to the table, that it is truly hard for me to settle for one category of style. I pride myself on being able to blend with every color the universe has to offer and find joy in every characterization that I indulge in daily. The interpretation of my beliefs and experiences translates into works that embody the emotions evoked by my poignant life.

Published by: IRREVERSIBLE

IRREVERSIBLE is a multidisciplinary collective for emerging and established artists. IRREVERSIBLE makes buying and collecting art accessible and affordable. Many of our collaborations with artists, galleries and art fairs have succeeded outside of the traditional format, our projects are viewed as one of the most influential exhibitions platform of our era. We have become breeding grounds for cutting edge exhibitions. Our versatility provides a platform for emerging artists giving them the opportunity to showcase their talent, as well as offering more established artists the freedom to play and produce experimental exhibitions. NOOR BLAZEKOVIC Founder/ Publisher Chief Curator

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