IRREVERSIBLE Art Wynwood in partnership with Brisky Gallery & Life is Art Feb 2013

Overcoming the gap between art and life through site specific projects our goal is to provide a platform, where artists, architects, designers, and writers can come together in collaborative space.

Using cardboard as the main component WHAT WOULD YOU CREATE?


Brisky Gallery

artist Mariutsz Navratil

Using cardboard as the main component WHAT WOULD YOU CREATE?

Creativity and experiential contact are declared human priorities, ‘the qualitative human being’ is defined as a social individual with a strong need for group relations and the necessity to work collaboratively as an alternative to a consumer based society. In the context of the era’s desire for revolutionary upheaval, IRREVERSIBLE Project becoming a platform, a laboratory, experimenting with participatory works revolving around all mediums. The overall goal is to achieve an engagement with the individual and their relationship with the world.

studio artist Mariutsz Navratil

artists Mariutsz Navratil & Allison Kotzig

artists Mariutsz Navratil, Allison Kotzig & Noor Blazekovic

artists Mariutsz Navratil & Noor Blazekovic

artist Steven Guermeur

INSTRUCTIONS from somewhere in France or Austria or Bulgaria by artist Steven Guermeur

Just open it from the top. 
Remove carefully the tape. 
Take the pen. 
Connect the cables to the “controler”. take care of cables’s position. the black one is down.
Right cable is the battery and the left one is the motor to connect to “Ch1”. 
Press the small button on the side of the “controller” until Auto. 
Speed have to stay in the lowest position. 
Close again the box. Blend carefully the cardboard. 
Install the pen on the front side. Cap in up position. 

To switch of, you have to open again the box and unplug the “controller”.

Published by: IRREVERSIBLE

IRREVERSIBLE is a multidisciplinary collective for emerging and established artists. IRREVERSIBLE makes buying and collecting art accessible and affordable. Many of our collaborations with artists, galleries and art fairs have succeeded outside of the traditional format, our projects are viewed as one of the most influential exhibitions platform of our era. We have become breeding grounds for cutting edge exhibitions. Our versatility provides a platform for emerging artists giving them the opportunity to showcase their talent, as well as offering more established artists the freedom to play and produce experimental exhibitions. NOOR BLAZEKOVIC Founder/ Publisher Chief Curator

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