MOA MUSEUM OF ART Fort Lauderdale Nova Southeastern University

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Buenos Aires Argentina’s arteBA.
May 2011

We here at IRREVERSIBLE take incredible pride in cultivating a more meaningful and significant image of South Florida and its cultural scene. It is our mission to expose, unite and celebrate both past and present innovators. With our upcoming Limited Edition issue in particular, we are challenging ourselves to help unite South Florida’s cultural community so that it may continue to grow; building a strong foundation of galleries, museums and cultural centers with the aid of local supporters. Only then can we truly sustain a positive and solid reputation to the outside world.

Here is a preview of what will be complete coverage of what I personally consider THE VERY BEST of So Flo!   Including: MOA Museum of Art Ft. Lauderdale (
In complete contradiction to the generally cold museum entrances I have encountered in the past, walking into the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale was anything but. I found myself in the midst of a warm & sincere environment; the lobby full of people at 11 am, a wonderfully curated Book store (Books & Books ) &  coffee stand and a  line of people purchasing tickets for their current exhibition, Vatican Splendors: A Journey through Faith and Art (presented by Holy Cross Hospital, in association with PNC Bank and AutoNation) ….. A-MA-ZING  … Now we were ready to find an IRREVERSIBLE story!

Irvin Lippman, Executive Director
Lippman, a veteran of the National Gallery in Washington, D.C., and the Museum of Art in Columbus, Ohio, took charge October 1, 2004

IRREVERSIBLE interview: It feels like you have this fabulous open-door policy at the Museum, you want performers, a book store, families…

Irvin Lippman: “I’d like to think that we are very welcoming inside as well as outside now. Inside the museum we have an extraordinary staff with artistic sensibilities. That definitely helps when you are putting together events and exhibitions.”

In service to the public, the mission of the Museum of Art/Fort Lauderdale actively engage diverse audiences in the appreciation of works of art through innovative exhibitions, education programs, publications, and collection activities. International in scope, while reflecting the creative expression of our region, the Museum explores the broadest spectrum of visual culture at the highest level of quality.

Edouard Duval-Carrie “The Indigo Room or Is Memory Water Soluble”

The creation of an artist-in-residence program is the most impressive innovation during Lippman’s leadership. In 2004, artist  Edouard Duval-Carrié,  became the first artist in residence with his installation “The Indigo Room or Is Memory Water Soluble”, commemorating in various ways, the bicentennial of Haitian independence. The Indigo Room is a room-sized work in the elevator foyer adjacent to the museum’s main lobby. The space features a conglomeration of light boxes — three long, vertical rectangles, surrounded by nearly a hundred small squares. The boxes contain an assortment of items such as photographs and plastic miniatures of animals, plants, and other objects. The piece also spills onto the ceiling, where there are nine more illuminated panels, and into a small alcove to the right of the entrance, where disembodied hands reach out from the walls surrounding a radiant bust of a creature that resembles the mythical gorgon, Medusa.

The Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale is a leader and vital cultural educator, stimulating dialogue about the meaning and significance of visual art. The Museum underscores its exhibition calendar with educational programming and classes throughout the year. With themes set by the exhibitions, visitor interpretation may take many forms: lectures, gallery talks, storytelling, docent-led tours, hands-on visitor activities, studio art classes, and performances.
  • Lectures, Gallery Talks, and Brown bag lunches on the subject of our current exhibitions and collections
  • Art Information through our Web Site, Podcasts, Audio guides, and Newsletter
  • Teacher Resources and Curriculum Guides are developed with the Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU) Fischler School of Education and Human Services on our collections for the student and teacher
  • Art Exploration Tours in the galleries for schools and community groups led by Museum docents
  • Outreach Programs to community groups with slide presentations on the collections, exhibitions, and art history
  • Studio School offers a full curriculum-based course selection including Art History, Figure Drawing, Oil Painting, Watercolor, and Mixed Media taught by fine art faculty (see Studio School for details)

IRREVERSIBLE Spring 2011 will be exclusively distributed in the following prestigious art fairs:

  • arteBA Contemporary Art Fair, Argentina: May 19th – 23rd
  • Zona Maco, Mexico: April 6th – 10th
  • LISTE 16: The young art fait at Basel, Switzerland: June 14th – 16th
  • ArtMonaco2011, Monaco: March 31st – April 3rd

Liam Crotty – Photographer

Liam P. B. Crotty (born on Leap Year’s Day, February 29, in Superior, Wisconsin) is an accomplished American portrait photographer who is known for his ability to instantly connect with his subjects.

A Creative Childhood

Crotty, who first moved to Maine in 1971, was one of three children whose parents were both professors. He was influenced by his mother who encouraged his photographic ability and by his father, a gifted creative writer and storyteller. At age nine, he purchased his first camera, a 110-format, plastic point-and-shoot from his local Five & Dime store and has never stopped taking pictures.

His life-long passion for photography progressed as the Photoeditor of his High School yearbook and at age 18 his photography and leadership were featured on NBC’s WCHS Channel 6, America’s Future Award.

IRREVERSIBLE coveraged was possible thanks to the support of :
Photoeditor Liam Crotty, Jesus Rojas What’s Up Miami blog,
Cristina Ojeda IRREVERSIBLE Communications Director & Alfonso Vasquez Video Art Director

Special Thanks to Irvin Lippman and the wonderful  Staff @ MOA whom without their generous support this coverage would not be possible!


Published by: IRREVERSIBLE

IRREVERSIBLE is a multidisciplinary collective for emerging and established artists. IRREVERSIBLE makes buying and collecting art accessible and affordable. Many of our collaborations with artists, galleries and art fairs have succeeded outside of the traditional format, our projects are viewed as one of the most influential exhibitions platform of our era. We have become breeding grounds for cutting edge exhibitions. Our versatility provides a platform for emerging artists giving them the opportunity to showcase their talent, as well as offering more established artists the freedom to play and produce experimental exhibitions. NOOR BLAZEKOVIC Founder/ Publisher Chief Curator

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