IRREVERSIBLE @ Giants in the City 2009

IRREVERSIBLE Swirl Lollipop/Giants in the City 2009

…These Giants sculptures are “intelligent” they ca

Alejandro Mendoza blowing first time IRREVERSIBLE Swirly Lollipop

n be moved from one place to another quickly and easily. They resemble a colossal paradigm of an urban nomad, made to survive in the city – they live and feed themselves with the city air.
Alejandro Mendoza Founder and Artist Curator


To incorporate giant inflatable art sculptures around the city in public spaces, to propound the importance of art in the existing urban landscape.  To celebrate the possibilities offered by this giant format, giving to the community and to the general public a contemporary visual art experience as never seen before in South Florida.


The designs require 3/4 weeks to fabricate.  They are made of Ripstop nylon fabrics and 70 denier nylon taffeta (Tear resistant, windproof and water-repellent) that when deflated are easily packed.   They are inflated and supported upright by a continuous supply of air through the inferior portion of each piece.   A small electric air generator may be rented or purchased and is sufficient to supply the air.  The sculptures are extremely light in weight yet are capable of reaching 30 feet in height.  They inflate and deflate within minutes and are easily transported.  The pieces include tension cables to anchor them and guard them from moving in the wind.

Fully up IRREVERSIBLE Swirl Lollipop

Noor Blazekovic Happy ever after...


“Giant in the City” is a traveling inflatable Sculpture Public Art exhibit where each artist will have one work representative of his/her style.  . The best venue would be large enough to provide breathing room between each individual artistic style and allowing for public interaction and visitor foot traffic.  Additionally, at later dates, they may be display it in Parks, Cultural places, Private Cultural Institution and Museum out side the State. Giant in the City is work on it.

IRREVERSIBLE Swirl Lollipop @ Miami Beach botanical Garden

The best way to describe this event is to say it would be a giant sculpture exhibition.  It is designed with the public at large as the principal audience.

Giants in the City @ Bayfront Park Miami Downtown Dec 09

Alejandro Mendoza


Published by: IRREVERSIBLE

IRREVERSIBLE is a multidisciplinary collective for emerging and established artists. IRREVERSIBLE makes buying and collecting art accessible and affordable. Many of our collaborations with artists, galleries and art fairs have succeeded outside of the traditional format, our projects are viewed as one of the most influential exhibitions platform of our era. We have become breeding grounds for cutting edge exhibitions. Our versatility provides a platform for emerging artists giving them the opportunity to showcase their talent, as well as offering more established artists the freedom to play and produce experimental exhibitions. NOOR BLAZEKOVIC Founder/ Publisher Chief Curator

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